IMP Tuition – Educational institute to help school children to reach  their full  potential

Please note: Due to COVID every student must use hand sanitizers provided at the entrance and shoes must be taken off before entering. Please be aware, all students entering, during sessions, and leaving will be recorded by the CCTV system. Please inform me if your phone numbers or address changed.

IMP (Ignite, Maths & Physics) Tuition was started in Adelaide as a home visiting 1 on 1 tutor. It was gradually gained the reputation by word of mouth and personal recommendations for Mathematics, Physics, IGNITE, ACER and Accelerated Tutoring. Many students won scholarships for IGNITE and ACER Tests and Y12’s scored high level ATARs achieving  entry requirements for their dreamed courses such as Medicine,Law, Dentistry, Advanced computing, Engineering,etc…

 IMP is a definite choice of the students who wants to achieve more in their academic  performances and high ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks).

ABN 68 345 974 453